Quebec counts hundreds of associations, foundations, non-profits and professional orders. As an active part of society, it is vital that these organizations highlight their presence, demonstrate their relevance and promote their value to their members or partners.

How to retain and expand membership? How to maintain strong, lasting relationships with members, partners and various target audiences? How to ensure sustainability in an increasingly crowded and competitive business environment? Organizations must expand their presence and communications plan on multiple platforms, defend their industry’s position to decision-makers, increase networking opportunities and meet the continuous demand for training.


  • You can focus on your fundamental mission: strategic planning and achieving your organization’s goals.
  • You acquit yourself of human resources management, of the negotiation and maintenance of office space, of the purchase and maintenance of hardware and equipment and of refreshing the staff’s knowledge and training.
  • You get a range of professional services suited to your needs and can rely on a knowledgeable team, experienced in associative activities.
  • You benefit from efficient office equipment without having to buy it.
  • Your organization is managed in a personalized manner.
  • Your information and files are treated with confidentiality. They belong to you.